Allander Jazz Band and Cadell painting

Soup and sandwiches in Cove Burgh Hall to the sound of Dixieland. Cove favourites, Allander Jazz, will perform a lunchtime show, sponsored by Plugit Decorative Wood Products.

Cadell's Cove Pier

Self-portrait by Francis Cadell

Exhibition and talk in the evening at Cove Sailing Club - 8pm.

The painting by renowned Scottish Colourist Francis Cadell, now in the collection of the Scottish Maritime Museum, depicts a puffer boat sitting alongside Cove Pier. In the distance is a view of the hills and Loch Long so familiar to locals.

In 1934 the painting was given as a wedding present to Katharine Tennant, the half-sister of Margot Asquith, wife of the prime minister Herbert Asquith. Katherine was known to enjoy sailing in the area around Cove.

Next event in Cove Carnival - Childrens Theatre and Greek Thomson Display and Talk

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