Cove Burgh Hall

A good year at the Hall

At a well-attended AGM of Cove Burgh Hall on Thursday 28th September, the Chair, Alison Morrison, gave an upbeat report.

Income has risen and the balance sheet is healthy. Combined income from Hall lets (the biggest contribution), fundraising events, donations, Friends of CBH, and Gift Aid, plus grants for specific events or projects is sufficient to cover routine operation and maintenance as well as generate a modest surplus.

However there is concern when more major projects emerge such as the essential renovation and conservation work on the Hall façade and balcony - a project which will cost well in excess of current reserves.The Directors have agreed to progress with this project and are in discussion with Historic Environment Scotland and other relevant professionals.

Alison commented on the particularly outstanding events programme of the past year. She said that Live@CBH (Cove Burgh Hall's events arm) not only plays a vital fundraising role for the Hall but contributes to the social and cultural life of the Peninsula in a way that is literally ‘priceless’. A couple of events of special mention were 306:Day by the National Theatre of Scotland and Let's Circus in the Sea Change Festival, and coming up in November - the Book Festival.

Alison thanked each Director for their specialist contribution to the running of the Hall - Colin Donnelly (bookings), Rona Grierson and Ruth Wishart (events), Wells Grogan (Friends), Richard Reeve (major projects), John Webb (building maintenance), Finlay Craig (grant funding), Neil Isaacs (policies), Sheena Edwards (secretary).

In her conclusion she stated that for the Directors, the challenge is keeping the day-to-day experience of the Hall of good standard, while having an eye on the future to ensure its sustainability, and relevance for future generations.

Post created by: Margaret Isaacs
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