Book Festival 2017

Cracking curries

When Aasmah Mir and Uzma Mir-Young were growing up in their native Glasgow, they took for granted that their mum could provide delicious curries.  It was only when they started to eat out they realised that many chefs made that dish comprehensively more complicated than they thought necessary.  And as the sisters pursued their varied careers in broadcasting – Aasmah currently go-presents the hugely popular Saturday Live on Radio 4 and works on ITV’s Tonight, and Uzma was an executive producer of Balamory – they thought it might be a good idea to give mum’s wholesome recipes a bit more profile.

And so was born Cracking Curries, a website devoted to how to make good ,food simple, which led in turn to practical  demonstrations on You Tube.  The sisters will be sharing their family secrets with Sumayya Usmani, herself a culinary columnist and author of books on Asian cuisine.


They will all be appearing in the Cove and Kilcreggan Book Festival on Sunday 26th at 2PM. Book here for Aasmah and Uzma and other speakers in Sunday's programme.

Post created by: Margaret Isaacs
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