Book Festival 2017

Whisky and chocolate wrap up the Festival

RACHEL McCORMACK is a Catalan culinary specialist having spent many years in Barcelona, and subsequently running Catalan cookery courses in London.  Her dulcet Glaswegian tones are a regular feature of Radio 4’s Kitchen Cabinet. Now she’s back living in her native Scotland, partly because she wanted to write about Scotland’s national drink.

How can it be, she pondered, that the bookshelves heave with gastronomic works where wine is a major feature, whilst there are no comparable ones for whisky.
So she set about an odyssey going around our major distilleries and not a few of our pubs. It’s a tough old job, but Rachel was the woman to do it!

Chasing the Dram is the witty, information packed result of her travels, part travelogue, part cook book, part celebration of our major export.

This is the Cove and Kilcreggan Book Festival’s closing event and will feature a free whisky tasting and lots of free chocolate

Come and indulge yourself at 3.30 on Sunday 26th.

Book for Sunday events here.

Post created by: Margaret Isaacs
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