Am I not supposed to live?

These are the words of Isobel, twin sister of Morag, both played by Janette Foggo in the Mull Theatre touring production from the Comar organisation - FACE - written by Peter Arnott. FACE is on at Cove Burgh Hall on September 2nd, 8pm start. Mull Theatre usually brings a full house so don't miss out - book tickets here.

Morag, a “teacher at the end of her tether", reflects on the death of her mother and the behaviour of her identical twin sister, Isobel, who has left her husband and is frittering away her inheritance on a younger man.

Isobel, in contrast to the dutiful Morag, seeks release from her "long, dull marriage to a perfectly pleasant dull, dull man". She is played with "gleeful zest and acid tongue by Janette Foggo" in the words of theatre critic Mary Brennan when "Morag" and "Isobel" ran as separate plays in the A Play, a Play and a Pint series at Oran Mor.

Glasgow born playwright Peter Arnott is author of some 40 professionally produced stage plays plus songs, television screenplays and radio scripts.

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