Four-star treat - The 306:Day

A quick look at The Herald's four-star review of The 306:Day suggests that we are in for a very special treat when the show, fresh from its opening run at the Station Theatre, Perth, plays on Monday evening in Cove Burgh Hall (book here).

Here is some of what theatre critic Neil Cooper had to say:

"The second part of Oliver Emanuel's 306 trilogy of plays (The 306:Day) is designed to open up the largely hidden history based around the 306 British soldiers executed for cowardice during World War One.

Where the first part focused on the men themselves, this follow-up looks at the lives of the women left behind and forced to fight battles of their own.

Jemima Levick's production is a beautifully conceived construction, which weaves together Emanuel's patchwork of stories performed by a cast of six. At the play's centre is Gareth Williams' aching cello and piano score, played live in this co-production between the National Theatre of Scotland, Perth Theatre and Stellar Quines by Robert Irvine and Laura McIntosh of associate company, Red Note Ensemble.

As Angela Hardie, Dani Heron, Fletcher Mathers, Steven Miller, Wendy Somerville and Amanda Wilkin belt out a mix of fiercely defiant chorales, they unveil a litany of lesser known war crimes. They also unleash a collective power that needs to be reclaimed with every passing day."

Post created by: Margaret Isaacs
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