Welcome to MsFits once again

The MsFits theatre company is the oldest, longest running touring company in Scotland. Cove Burgh Hall is once again hosting one of their excellent productions - Stick Granny on the Roof Rack - this Saturday (12th Sept). The play stars Fiona Knowles and was written by Rona Munro, both founder members of MsFits. It promises to be a highly entertaining evening.

MsFits started in 1982 with performing duo Fiona Knowles and Rona Munro, and Roddy Simpson as stage manager. Their first professional engagement was at The Tron Theatre in Glasgow in Mayfest. Rona gave up the performance side of things but continued to write one-woman shows for Fiona - one a year over a long period. She stopped because of her increased commitment to writing for the likes of the National Theatre of Scotland with The Last Witch and The James Plays as well as many other commissions including the film Oranges and Sunshine, winning many awards including the Evening Standard Award, The Giles Cooper Award, the Susan Smith Blackburn Award and the Writers Guild of Gr Britain Award. She wrote two Dr Who episodes, the most recent being for Peter Capaldi in the last Dr Who season.

Meanwhile, Fiona, with Roddy as Stage Manager publicity designer and photographer, has toured all over the U.K with the MsFits winning an Edinburgh Festival Fringe Award and being nominated for a London Weekend Television Comedy Award. MsFits plays at all sorts of venues from 500 seater theatres to remote island halls and community centres in inner cities.

Cove has been lucky to host two of their plays in recent years. Women on the Verge of a T-Junction played here in September 2016. And this Saturday we can expect another hilarious performance with the antics of Granny and her family.

“A laugh at every turn!” – Edinburgh Evening News.

Doors open 7:15 for 8pm start. Book here.

Post created by: Margaret Isaacs
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