Sea Change Festival 2017

The sea and the circus PHOTO: On the River Clyde 2014

Preparations for the annual Sea Change Festival are well and truly underway. It will be a terrific weekend of entertainment - for adults and for children. While Let's Circus feature throughout Saturday, starting with their musical accompaniment to the street parade from Kilcreggan to Cove Burgh Hall, the circus workshop in the Hall that afternoon, and finishing up with the performance in the big top in the Hall that evening, the River Clyde and the folk who use it is a theme of Friday evening with the Para Handy episodes, carrying through to the musical entertainment on Sunday morning at Cove Park where the Peninsula Choir will be singing a selection of conductor Stephen Adam's fine arrangements of nautical songs. The well-loved Song of the Clyde is one of them - who can resist joining in!

Follow the links below to see all the details of this year's Sea Change Festival:

Sea Change Festival 2017 Programme

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