Cove Seafront Conservation Group

The group has arisen out of concerns about the proposed new Cove Sailing Club clubhouse development.

The objectors  say that the new building:

  • Is significantly larger than the current structure and set over two levels is proposed, more than doubling the club’s present premises – the current club is a single level and recessed into the shoreline, making it barely noticeable from the road.
  • Will have a ridge height of this new building of approximately 8.34 metres or 27.33 feet – almost the height of two double-decker buses – and the club’s length will also increase from 23 to 25.5 metres.
  • Will have a negative impact on villagers’ and visitors’ enjoyment of the area as they walk, cycle or drive past, with a large building instead of open aspects across Loch Long and the Firth of Clyde.

Facade project funded by:


keystone - building quality in rural Scotland