Book Festival 2016

Book Festival 2016 - Sunday

Day two of the festival begins with the biography of a much-loved Scottish artist, or, as George Wylie described himself a Scul?tor!

The Gourock man became widely known for a number of public artworks which made telling political points, like the Straw Locomotive suspended over a giant crane illustrating the demise of that industry, whilst The Paper Boat was a similar comment on the shape of shipbuilding.

His dramatic works such as A Day Down A Goldmine were hugely popular.

Now, in Arrivals And Sailings, the journalist and art critic Jan Patience has joined forces with George’s writer daughter Louise Wylie to compile this wonderful tribute subtitled The Making of George Wylie. That’s at 1130

The afternoon continues at 1400 with Alistair Moffat, the journalist, broadcaster and historian who has written the wonderfully comprehensive Scotland; A History From Earlier Times.

It’s a book packed full of extraordinary anecdotes from our country’s history, with the broad sweep of events interspersed with potted biographies of people, places, and customs.

Alistair, something of a renaissance man, has had several incarnations including director of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, director of programmes at STV, and Rector of St Andrews University, his alma mater.

He was also involved in the original setting up Scotland’s DNA project, which has now extended to the UK, and, alongside Alexander McCall Smith and the artist Andrew Crummy, gave us the unique Great Tapestry of Scotland project.

A proud Borderer, he runs his own annual book festival based in Melrose. Alistair takes the stage at 2pm.

Our finale at 1530 is that multi faceted talent Muriel Gray – television presenter, TV production executive, horror fiction author, former rector of Edinburgh University and current chair of Glasgow School of Art, of which she is a graduate.

Muriel Gray

That became a vital role after the devastating fire since when she has won many plaudits for her efforts to attract national and international support for its renovation.

And, of course, she is a famous Munro bagger! Her TV series The Munro Show was accompanied by a witty book The First Fifty: Munro Bagging Without A Beard.

Amongst the fans of her three horror novels is the master of that art, Stephen King, who was sufficiently impressed to supply a quote for one of her covers.

She also wrote a history of Kelvingrove Art Gallery to coincide with its re-opening. Muriel too has solid local connections: her sister-in-law lives at Ardpeaton.

Her event is at 3.30

There will be a café bar open on both days of the festival for morning coffee or a light lunch.

Tickets are £5 per event, or £2.50  for children - please specify the particular event(s) required when booking tickets.


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