Cove Burgh Hall

Book Festival - the Bonus of being Digital

Our very successful digital Cove & Kilcreggan Book Festival of 2020 was a resounding success. The format, designed and hosted by MyVLF, proved remarkably flexible, and though there were no cakes on offer, it even offered some advantages over the live Festival. For instance, many more people could view the talks than would have fitted in Cove Burgh Hall - in fact an average of over 200 per talk with one author attracting well in excess of 300 views. In all there were around 1400 viewings of the six talks on the day.

Another bonus was the live chat stream which was open while the talks were in progress- enabling many virtual attendees to ask questions and make comments directly to the authors. Though face-to-face discussion was not an option, the chat medium proved popular and notched up an average just under 100 participants per talk.


If you couldn't make the Book Festival on the day, you can still view the recordings of each of the six talks. You simply logon to, go to 'Theatre', select 'View Past Events/Festivals' and do a search for 'Cove'. All six talks are there. (If you haven't already registered on the site, you'll need to set up your login, but it's simple and straightforward and won't take a minute.)

Post created by: Margaret Isaacs

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