Cove Burgh Hall

Innovating for the future

Driving by the Hall, the eagle-eyed will have spotted a newcomer to the carpark. No doubt you will have instantly identified it as a 22kW Dual BP Chargemaster Electric Vehicle Charge point!

Enabled by a grant from the Energy Savings Trust of c. £18,000, all installation and maintenance costs are covered. When fully commissioned, it will become part of the Charge Place Scotland ( which is the national EV charging network owned and developed by the Scottish Government. Quite an innovation for the Hall!

The installation is a timely response to the rapidly growing electric car market. For example, registration of pure-electric vehicles in the first 7 months of 2020 are up 112% compared to 2019. With the trend expected to accelerate, it is hoped that this public amenity will benefit both the community and passing traffic.

In addition, the charge point may generate a modest income towards funds much needed to protect Cove Burgh Hall’s heritage, and keep it going on a day-to- day basis. It is a good example of ‘futuristic’ and ‘historic’ working in partnership.

Post created by: Margaret Isaacs

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