Suitcase Ensemble's Travelling Show

This charming mix of songs, storytelling and sketches is a travelling show which takes inspiration from every locality the group visit.

The Travelling Show project aims to develop a new approach to touring theatre, which incorporates the travels of the touring company into the production’s storytelling. As they visit different places, the performers gather what they describe as ‘gifts’ from each audience. These gifts might be memories, wishes, artistic offerings or communal treats. The performers take them to the next location to inspire the stories told to the next audience, making each new show an imaginative offering from one set of audience members to another.

Travelling Show has already visited Liverpool, Knowsley, Glasgow and Darnick in Melrose. Cove will be the fifth stop on this new theatrical adventure. Each performance incorporates storytelling, live music, dance, and comedy, but the exact content is always different. Previous performances have included a heart-wrenching love story, a life-changing train journey, a magic door knob, a cursed pop group and a ukulele-playing mouse. The company is reluctant to reveal exactly what is in store for audience members in Cove, but they promise laughs, catchy tunes, and a host of weird and wonderful characters.

Tickets just £5.

Bar and raffle.

Doors open 7:30pm for 8pm start.

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