Unspotted Snow - Mull Theatre Company

This latest work from award winning playwright Peter Arnott is one of the company’s most ambitious projects.

Based on the ill-fated 1845 Sir John Franklin expedition to discover the North-West passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific and it’s extraordinary 170-year legacy. Set partly on the barren ice floes of the Arctic and partly in the stultifying drawing room of Lady Jane Franklin, this is a bold and adventurous tale of tragedy, mishap, folly, arrogance, madness and betrayal, Victorian heroism ... and ruthless news management.

Unspotted Snow is a production of Mull Theatre Company - one of Cove Burgh Hall’s favourite visitors, and one of Scotland’s most lauded theatre companies. 

Doors open at 7.15pm for 8pm start.

Bar, raffle.

Tickets are £10.


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