Cove Burgh Hall

Structural Works Update

Richard Reeve provides an update regarding ongoing structural repairs to the Hall. On 20th May work started on the internal surface of the fa├žade above the library windows. This is to rectify some previous, historic interventions to support the structural arch above the window lintel which had proved ineffective and become unstable. These defects were discovered during the final stages of 2019 works and our structural engineer considered repair work to be essential.

The removal of redundant material will also give better access to the inner surface of the carved, decorative sandstone above the window allowing for visual inspection and survey. It also includes the filling of several cavities that adversely affected the dynamics of the wall exacerbating water ingress. The works should be complete by Friday 28th May. The Library ceiling will then be reinstalled and the Library re-opened soon as possible thereafter.

Post created by: Margaret Isaacs

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