How much it costs to hire the Cove Burgh Hall

Standard Events

Local organizations using the Hall for events (such as meetings, dances, coffee mornings, sales of work or other fund raising activities) and individuals using the Hall for weddings, birthday parties or other similar events shall pay the Standard Hourly Rates.

The hourly rate is:

Main Hall £14

Small Hall £10

Both Halls £23

Commissioner's Hall £8


Commercial Events

Profit making concerns, licensed events (where the sale of alcohol is for profit), local/national government events (other than Community Council events which shall be classed as local organization events), and any non-community related functions shall pay a Commercial Hourly Rate.

The commercial rate is:

Main Hall £28

Small Hall £20

Both Halls £46

Commissioner's Hall £16


Minimum Charge

The minimum hire charge for a let shall be £7 (irrespective if the above 10% discount applies).


Clear Up Fee

Where an event requires a set up period beforehand and/or a clear up period afterwards, such set up/clear up times shall be paid for at the rate of £7/hour.



Local organizations making regular use of the Hall (10 or more lets/annum or 25 or more hours/annum) shall qualify for a 10% discount on the above rates.

Friend's of the Cove Burgh Hall who want to book a one off use of the Hall qualify for a 10% discount.

Where the lets required are for prolonged use of the Hall, a specific rate for such shall be determined at the time of the request.

Where an organization wishes to hold an event where the net proceeds are for the benefit of Cove Burgh Hall, charges shall be agreed with the Hirer at the time of the request.


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